venerdì 30 dicembre 2011


Tea, lemon and ginger infusion
banana and chocolate jam. On a toast

 Jerusalem artichoke puree and prosciutto crudo

Another day where I couldn't be bothered to cook or do anything else
I ate a bit of focaccia and a cup of stock for dinner and then straight to bed


Peach and Passion Fruit infusion and a muffin
Sweet, sweet waking up (and lazy as usual)

I went on with lazyness....
For lunch Crescione alla parmigiana in bed while I was listening sad songs via YouTube.
I was a bit blue today
So I spent the afternoon in bed

I have never felt hungry today
Maybe because I'm sad or maybe because I can't be ar*sed to cook lately
Well, right after Christmas: what a timing luck

mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011


Dear bunny. 
I'm so sorry you've been accidentally beheaded. As I care of you I'm going to eat you up to stop your ache and anguish and I'll swallow you with my morning tea. 
You'll be in company of a mini coconut muffin and a soft amaretto

Light lunch with some Jerusalem artichoke puree.
I'm not angry at all today

 I had a tea from my favourite shop in London (Covent Garden) with a snack: crackers and prosciutto crudo: just to avoid to starve waiting for dinner time.

Result? No hungry at all for dinner. 
I'm nibbling few cereals before going to bed.


It's hard to come back at the usual diet after 3 days of costant gorging.
Above all if there's plenty of left-overs around, expecially sweets.
I don't mind sweets at breakfast but I shall limit the rest for lunch and dinner
I started with fennel, lemon and ginger infusion, a mug of warm water at first and a couple of cardamom biscuits I made myself, a mini coconut muffin by my cousin and a bit of chocolate

I got out of bed at 6.30pm...
I was knackered due the previous days
I had a small lunch eating all the bretzels left, as they were close to my bed.
Yep, shame on me.

It wasn't a proper dinner and I ate this late a night...But it wasn't a proper snack as well...
It was a grilled baguette stuffed with prosciutto crudo, cheese and babaganoush

At least now cardamom biscuits, chocolates, pretzels, baguettes and babaganoush are over

martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Boxing Day - Monday

I woke up with indigestion. Awful.
Expecially when you have another feast planned for lunch...
 I did need a ginger infusion when I woke up but I couldn't help to eat the last bite of profiteroles left

My family usually don't celebrate Boxing Day 
But this year there were plenty of left-overs so we ended up inviting my Aunt and Cousin again and have the nth copious lunch with lots of starters (including panzanelle: deep fried pizza dough. Delicious with sandwich meat), the last cappelletti in stuffed chicken bouillon, few bites of stuffed veal with green salad and tuna stuffed round pepper as sides. 
Profiteroles again.

I stayed in bed all day long. I was knackered because of food, stomach ache and lack of sleep.
I had a long and deep nap
I had a small dinner at 10.30pm before going out: it was a greasy focaccia stuffed with cheese and prosciutto but it wasn't good at all. I planned just a mug of stock for dinner but I ate that just because I had to throw it away 'cause it was old and I hate to waste food.

At night I did a very bad thing.
I didn't even noticed I did that because I was under the effect of hypnotics I use to sleep
I ate a lot of bretzes before falling asleep. In days I assumed 59379736578026327136273 calories.
That was a stupid extra. Silly me.

Christmas Day - Sunday

Merry Christmas to all again 

Had you got a nice day? How did you spend it? 
I woke up a bit late because I come back home after 3am from the Camel Ponce 
I still was full from the dinner before so no breakfast this morning: only a quick americano coffee @Bar Michelangelo and then Christmas lunch with my family including my aunt and cousin
I ate without any restraint...
First of all because I can't think of the diet at Christmas. It shall be forbidden.
Second: I planned this gorging one year ago. Last year I spent few days at the hospital until 24th December and I couldn't eat as I wished due to the stitches on my belly: I wanted to catch up this year, definitely.

We started with a lot of appetizers made by my mom. Lots of pastry: I love it!
The best bite? The mortadella mousse puffs.
First course: cappelletti in stuffed chicken bouillon. They are a typical dish from Emilia-Romagna (my Uncle was born in Faenza) but we traditionally eat them at Christmas and at Easter.
Second course: just a taste of roasted lamb and stuffed veal with a bit of green salad
My sister's profiteroles again as a dessert and few star biscuits on the background made by my mom: I'm not fond of sweet food, but I can say no to a profiterole. 
I think it's my favourite cake.

I finished my lunch at 4pm.
Then I sat in front of my fireplace with a ginger and cinnamom infusion to digest.
But at 7pm I went again to a Christmas dinner with some of my friends, our traditional "Left-overs Dinner": everyone take some left-overs from their Christmas Lunch and we share everything. So we don't have to cook, we finish all the caloric food at once and we just nibble while we chat and play with games: we're still full from our family lunches so we don't care of another pantagruel meal, but we usually end up to eat like pigs anyway...
We started with tangerines, oranges, dried fruits, panettone and after 10pm our guests Martina and Luca prepared all the left-overs. There were lots of stuff that finished at once, so it was hard for me even to take pics

We stayed untill 2am ending up eating few desserts and sweets and playing tombola as tradition requires
I ate few choco chip cookies as you can spot on the background: I love that brand!

domenica 25 dicembre 2011

Saturday - Christmas Eve


I love Christmas Eve and I woke up in a Christmassy mood at last
festive atmospheres were lacking this year...
Getting up was serene this morning even if  outside there was a stormy weather
So tea and crispbread with my home-made banana and ciocolate jam on

Light lunch because there will be plenty of yummy things to eat tonight for dinner
Pumpkin and carrot puree: I added the half robiola cheese to make the puree creamier and tastier, a pinch of curry and chives. I used a bit of olives focaccia instead of coutons
Comfy meal in front of the telly watching The Muppets

At night I had the traditional Christmas' Eve Fish Dinner with my family
After that we unwrap presents and we play bingo
Well, they play bingo, I go out with friends or I watch a Christmas movie instead

My mother cooked a lot of yummy stuff even if there were no extra guests: just us.
Cheese pastry, pasty pizzette, canapés with salmon and dried tomatoes, home-made crackers with Parmesan cheese and hazelnut with soft cheese, fig jam and paprika as topping.
Spaghetti with mixed fish as a first course; boiled prawns and roasted squids with vinagrette as a second course and at th end a lovely profiteroles made by my sister


I never took pics to the beverages, but this is interesting
There's a tradition which I love for the Christmas Eve in the city where I live: everyone meet up in the main square and spend the night there, chatting, greeting Merry Christmas. 
You usually bump into everyone you know, so it's nice to wish a Happy Crimbo in person to all your friend and few relatives.
This tradition is callled CAMEL PUNCH because you drink tangerine and rhum punch all the night long to warm you up until late night (well....early morning...) and everyone looks so happy and a tad sloshed

sabato 24 dicembre 2011


A good night sleep at last
I woke up at 9.30am but I got up from my bed after 1pm. Lazybum.
Yummy and colourful breakfast: strawberry goat's yoghurt with home-made granola and my purple "good luck" infusion, my favourite one <3

I wished to avoid carbohydrates for a bit more, but I was craving them a lot today.
And I had some robiola cheese that's going to expire soon.
So it here goes: pasta with robiola and nutmeg

A tiny skip in the afternoon...But I'm in the middle of my period and I feel Christmassy, so beg me if I had few bites of strawberry white chocolate with some apricot juice.

No dinner tonight. 
I went out at 7pm for a drink, I came back at 9pm and I went straight to bed.
I feel too cold and tired also to eat.

venerdì 23 dicembre 2011


Still a bit of stomach ache...I hope it'll pass within Christmas
Because I'm planning to eat like a starving pig and I don't want to behave due to pain...
The usual tea and bread with raspberry jam for breakfast

Vegetable puree with a bit of crispy focaccia. Lot of salt on it but it's not greasy at all, so it should be ok
Then few bites of plaice flatfish with curry vegetables
And just a tiny bit of white chocolate with strawberry. Just for testing!

Another caloric bite for testing a new recipe: banana and choc jam
I shall taste for testing!

Light dinner. I wanted to avoid meat today but my mom kept a bit of her roasted chicken for me
And I added one boiled artichoke

mercoledì 21 dicembre 2011


I did feel swollen this morning. And my stomach ache keeps going on...
No solid breakfast for me: just herbal infusions.

I ate only few spoons of pastina with vegetable stock for lunch. 
I needed something warm to heal my cold.
Sorry for the aspirine and my snotty tissue on the background: just take it as a evidence of my illness

I would have liked to follow a liquid diet just for today. But I fell fine tonight and I began to starve.
So I had just a couple of bites of a tiny veal fillet left from last night's Christmas dinner.
With a bowl of vegetable puree and spinach and spicy stewed fennel as a side


I was craving lots of warm beverages this morning: they help me to heal my stomach
So plain warm water as a start, ginger and barley coffee macchiato, tea with few lemon drops, crispbread with some raspberry marmalade and...a gianduiotto. 
I know I promised to be good and avoid diet slips, but I did need a treat this morning

At least I behaved at lunch: vegetables puree, fish fingers (not fried) and stewed aubergine

Dinner was great fun. I planned a Christmas dinner and I invited my boss and friend Alice with her fiancé
We are all on the diet so I organized a Christmas dietetic dinner wich was scrummy.
We started with an apéritif and an appetizer (pineapple juice and babaganoush with croutons) sit by the fireplace

We went on with some gorgeous Jerusalem artichoke puree

And we ended the meal with grilled fillets with spinach and fennels and shallots stewed in demerara sugar, ginger and cumin
That little onion is a bittersweet borettana I prepared last month: delicious!

We could not finish without dessert: I made some oranges in a marinade made with demerara sugar, orange peels, cardamom and star anise

Very Christmassy, yep!

martedì 20 dicembre 2011


My bed was more comfy than usual this morning
I stayed there all curled up all morning long...It's so warm there in comparison to the rest of my freezing house
I kept on drinking herbal infusions to warm me up and I had a ginger and barley coffee macchiato with marie biscuits with raspberry jam on

I had the best curry I've ever made for lunch
Completely low fat, I just cut in dice some boiled vagetables I used to prepare some stock, I added broccoli, a bit of chicken and tons of curry. No oil, just a pinch of salt.
Yummy meal suitable for the diet

I promised myself to be good this week due to the Christmas massive meals and behave the previous days
So I've planned some vegetable and fish for dinner, but a friend of mine passed a very tough exam at uni and she wished to celebrate with a pizza. I couldn't say no...
I ordered one with no cheese (to avoid the double protein), with fish (as planned) and with few vegetables
But it's far too many carbohydrates for today anyway, so I must avoid them tomorrow.
We went to eat @Pizzeria Artemisia (Pietrasanta) and my pizza was called Manuela, wich topped tuna, artichokes, olives and capers.