mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

Bad news

Bad news
My camera has passed away yesterday
I'm SO upset about that
So upset it happened as soon as I started this blog...
Luckly it'll be Christmas soon: I know what present to ask for

Well, you didn't miss that much.
I didn't eat a lot lately due to stomach ache and love troubles
The only interesting thing was yesterday's dinner out with a friend: a pizza with onion and tuna which was delicious

lunedì 28 novembre 2011


My chocolate and pear jam is a real temptation. 
It's made with 81% dark chocolate and demerara sugar, so it won't cause so many troubles I hope
Nice match with my morning tea.

Yet another late lunch...A HUGE bowl of mixed vegetables puree. I stirred in my babaganoush left-overs, too
It was really something
I served it with just a bit of olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese. And crackers.
I couldn't resist to my food fetish as soon as I saw crackers: mayo

Pizza with friends tonight @Pizzarda (Ripa di Seravezza) 
That's why my lunch was low in carbohydrates...
I ordered one with smoked salmon and mascarpone cheese: hard to digest but so scrummy!
Chantilly cream with pavesini biscuits dipped in raspberry sauce with blueberries, raspberries and tiny meringues on the top as a dessert.
My stomach will explode soon but I'd die happy.

domenica 27 novembre 2011


Lazy Saturday morning...very lazy

A mug of Americano coffee and a bowl with kiwi, cereals, dried fruit and goat yoghurt...

...then nothing untill 5pm. At that time I had a piadina with valeriana salad, tomato, tuna with a bit of mayo.
And ACE fruit juice

Due to the late lunch I wasn't very hungry at night. 
So I had just broccoli puree with fennel cooked in demerara sugar, ginger and cumin: very tasty

sabato 26 novembre 2011


How tough waking up this morning...
My stomach was upside down and all I was able to eat or drink was a mug of strong americano coffee and two tiny slices of bread with raspberry jam on. 
At 12pm. 
So I don't know exactly if consider that breakfast as I totally skipped my lunch: I just needed waaaaarm coffee costantly kept on my night-table

 Rösti again as a side to a chicken cutlet alla milanese
Another unhealthy meal, but hey, they were left-overs expiring soon so I can't throw them away...
On a calories count I think that the balance is allright.
Oh! And I also ate an orange: I don't know why, because I don't like them so much...But I lack of healthy vegetables today, so I needed a vitamines spree.

venerdì 25 novembre 2011


Thursdays are weird.
You always knows how they start (errands in the weekly market, coffee in Piazza Duomo), but you never know how they end...They often can be more destructive than Saturdays

Ordinary beginning of the day: black tea with few drops of lemon juice and crisp bread with 1) fig jam 2) raspberry jam 3) pear and chocolate jam 4) milk and coconut spread. 
I needed to know which is the best.
Comfy breakfast in bed with my Pasta d'Acciughe monkey and Christmas on-line shopping.
Happy start

 Ultra fat lunch
 Rösti with grilled tomino cheese with a slice of roasted speck on. With trifolati artichokes on a side.
Nope, I didn't go skiing...I only cleaned up my fridge and I found out that I had some yummy food that's going to expire soon, so I want to save cooking it: it'll be a waste (and a pity) throwing away all that good stuff in the bin, so these days some diet's slips are planned...

A glass of Bolgheri rosso and tons of crisps @Gatto Nero (Pietrasanta) with friends

Piadina with prosciutto cotto, sottiletta cheese and mayo at 12am
I ate in my own bed before sleeping, how unhealthy!!
This is what it usually happens when I substitute my dinner with aperitivo....

Basically it was the Melted Cheese Day
Is there something yummier than melted cheese? Just love it.

mercoledì 23 novembre 2011


I ♥ tea

The best mornings are the ones that begin with a nice cup of earl grey.
I'm not a coffee person. I just drink it to wake me up.
My day started with a huge cuppa with few drops of lemon juice and bread with home-made pear and chocolate jam: Lord, if t'was scrummy!!

I had my lunch in total orange
I dislike orange
But I did like my pumpkin and zucchini puree and my savoury pumpkin pie.
It was the last slice left, damn...

Valeriana, roasted cod and black olives salad
While browsing cooking magazines.
Oh! And I stole a couple of puff pastry twists from my parents' kitchen...

martedì 22 novembre 2011


I started my day with the most disgusting espresso macchiato freddo in the world: the one I make. I don't know why, but it's really awful...Well I blame my moka pot: definitely it can't brew properly...
Luckly I went on with a nice toast with a yummy milk and coconut spread on the top. 
And my piggy purple fruit infusion : yep, it's got sugar pigs in

 Ear-shaped pasta with tuna, capers and olives sauce. I only added onion, capers and tuna to the carton of Coop's olive sauce, wich is rather good for an ordinary ready-to-make sauce.

I couldn't be ar*ed to cook dinner tonight. So turkey sandwich meat, home-made babaganoush, valeriana salad and toasted stinco bread.

lunedì 21 novembre 2011


Mmmmhhh Monday morning....Mmmmmhhh coffee... Americano

I promise I'll do my best to get rid and cancel out all the calories given by this bowl of milk and coco-pops I had for breakfast! No fruit, no pasta nor rice for luch....Only a bit of bread is allowed!

Home-made pumpkin and zucchini puree, with a bit of olive oil, grated Parmesan cheese and a few bread croutons. That was the only thing planned for my lunch, but my mom gave me a taste of a mortadella versiliese from Sant'Anna di Stazzema and I couldn't refuse: one of the most delicious food to put on a bread slice

GAH! Another slip in my dinner after coco-pops and mortadella earlier : breaded chicken cutlet alla milanese and fried artichokes wedges...with a lot of valeriana salad.
Leftovers from my parents' dinner: never go to visit them during meals or this is what happens...
Too much fat today, but very small portions: that should be OK...

domenica 20 novembre 2011

My first microwave meal . I like cooking with it even if mine's got only two working buttons...

IKEA's köttbullar
Their Swedish meat balls with broccoli and carrots served with a simple lemon sauce
I have to improve steam cooking: those vegetables look sad...
Back home at 4pm. I forgot to have lunch.
So this is...Lunch? A mid-afternoon bite? Irunno...
The point is: I hadn't eaten since this morning and I shall take medicines. I wasn't hungy at all but I couldn't keep my stomach empty.

This was the quickiest handy hot meal I could get: frozen spinach and fresh ricotta mixed in a warm saucepan adding grated Parmesan cheese and nutmeg. Served with a slice of salt free Tuscan bread, baked in wood oven


Lazy Sunday morning. 
I woke up with a stomach ache....Ouch! Possibly because of all my yesterday's diet slips. 
Let's start with a very healthy breakfast (carbohydrates free) while doing sod all in front of my laptop, checking supermarkets' leaflets and planning the day mentally 

A cup of hot water on an empty stomach for a start: simple panacea for a few deseases.
Americano coffee (not good for my aching stomach, but I need to wake me up), kiwi salad and fennel seed infusion. A battle against swelling


I recovered from illness; I'm starving due of 6 days of liquid (well, more or less...) diet; I need energy to become productive again; I need to taste again strong flavours....And it's Saturday!
So diet can go and scr*w itself for a day....

Breakfast in bed, under the wild-eyes of Pasta d'Acciughe, the Monkey: barley&ginger coffee with demerara sugar; crisp bread with raspberry jam; A.C.E. juice; tangerines and....aspirine!! 
I'm doing my best to kick my cold away!

All my "tuscanity" in my lunch.
Fresh sausage with fagioli all'uccelletto
That was tasty!
Bread for the scarpetta is a must: "pane brutto" from Camaiore in this case

I rarely have mid-afternoon snacks, but tea and infusions with a bit of fresh fruit. 
But I should take a medicine with belly full so this slice of home-made savoury pumpkin pie was a good choice to go with my cuppa.

I lead a bit of social life tonight after a week of forced reclusion. 
 Dinner at some friends' place, near a warm fireplace. 
Eating a portion of lasagne home-made by friends Fuzzi&Fuzzi.

sabato 19 novembre 2011

Hey Hey!

The idea of this diary doesn't come to suggest yummy recipes or artistic food pics as most of the food blogs do.
I just wish to create my personal food diary. 
This is one of the most useful things to do when we are on the diet: writing down everything you eat whenever you eat, to get conscious of our food habits, so we can easily check where we do mistakes (if we do any).
I decided to do mine via footage.
Because a picture of a dish can be more appetizing than just name of it. 
And it can show that not all low fat food is so pale and boring!