domenica 29 gennaio 2012


Pina-colada infusion, fruit salad with granola

For lunch I had a bite of my mom's focaccia
For dinner I had spicy chicken wings with mash...
...and vanilla mousse!


My camera was out of battery this morning: so no pic of my cuppa and the pear&choc pie my sister baked yesterday, I'm sorry!

Linguine al barolo for lunch, with just butter and grated Parmesan cheese as condiments

I microwaved a couple of cheese and vegetables crispy pancakes for dinner: they were disgusting.

I recovered the mistake taking other 2 crispy pancakes and I deep fried them! THOSE were GOOD!
I will never try to cook them in a healthy way: they have to be greasy!!


Infusion and crispbread with banana and chocolate jam

Seabass cooked in tinfoil with potatoes and carrots

 Toastie with prosciutto cotto, valeriana salad, tomato, mayo and pineapple juice for a snack
So I skipped my dinner

venerdì 27 gennaio 2012


I woke up before dawn again...Gosh.
Spiced infusion and crispbread with raspberry jam on

 At 11am I was starving due to the early awakening so I stepped in a bakery and I bought a bit of sweetcorn focaccia

 Vegetable stock with melted cheese in: love it! 
Basically it was my lunch, but I had in in the afternoon

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012


My first 2 days of serious diet really knocked me out
I've been starving since last night and I felt like dying when I woke up, so scr*w it: warm milk and coco-pops for me this morning

 Plaice flatfish, chickpeas and valeriana salad
Happy lunch: I love chickpeas

 Nice dinner as well: potato, leek, shallot puree with robiola cheese melted in
Hard to digest though...

Apple and "Chi l'ha Visto?"


Tea and spiced infusion to warm me up
Marie biscuits with banana and chocolate jam

 Spiced fried rice with onion and scrambled egg. 
Boiled beetroot

Turkey hamburger, (burnt) zucchini and valeriana salad

 An awful dietetic stawberry cream
It was a pity to waste some of my last granola left for that sh*t

martedì 24 gennaio 2012


As promised I'll try to be good and be costant on the diet since today

I started with Americano coffee and  fruit salad, goat's yogurt with granola on the top

 Left-overs from Saturday: beef and potatoes with valeriana salad

Vegetables puree and zucchini stuffed with ricotta cheese, broccoli and pine nuts made by my sister

lunedì 23 gennaio 2012


I was so full this morning when I woke up...Damn...
Purple lucky infusion and the last chocolate pudding (with granola)

 I had my lunch very late but it worths the wait: spiced rice with onions and tandoori prawns
It was scrummy!!


Another calories messy day
I'll behave from Monday I swear...

At least breakfast was healthy
Barley & Ginger coffee and fruit salad with granola

 Beef and potatoes for lunch
It was my first attempt to cook roast-beef...And I clearly failed....Poo.
Well, it was ok as a stew...

Failure arrived in the dark....
 I skipped dinner so I was starving when I came back home at night
I was a little drunk so it didn't help: I just grabbed the first food my hand could touch...
I ended up eating grilled bread with cheese and some Thai noodles


Messy, messy Friday...
I made a disaster today

I had breakfast with a rice pudding my sister baked yesterday
Then I went to the bar for a coffee

 My mom gave me some left-overs for lunch: (leek?) frittata and a sort of onion-cheese-potato bake
It looked weird but it was good

 Chocolate pudding with granola for a snack

 Pesto & Carbohydrates Night
My plan of the night was pasta with pesto, but my nephew gave me a slice of his pizza left from his dinner so I re-heated adding the last spoons of pesto in the jar and I ate it as well despite I was full after the pasta

 Friday night at the Film Club
We watched "Far from Heaven" and after the movie they offered us some sweet
How lovely!

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012


A good night sleep and a happy awakening at last 
I wasn't so hungry, so I had only a peach and passion fruit infusion and I nibbled a bit of granola 

I was freezing at lunch
So I had some warm Thai noodles in satay sauce in from of the fireplace

A classy snack in the afternoon...

 Cereals and legumes soup for dinner
 The best confy food for me

mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012


I had my monthly appointment to my nutritionist's this morning: the first after Christmas...du-dunnn....
It went well: I lost 1 Kilo in weight and 3 Kilos in centimetres.
This is the day I present myself with of lot of yummy food without thinking of calories, without feeling guilty and stuff like that....
I had gnocchi stuffed with cheeses for lunch. I used butter, grated Parmesan cheese and fresh sage as condiments

And dessert as well! Chocolate pudding!

I made dinner at the very last minute: it was late so arranged some cheese and scrambles eggs on toast
With so apricot juice


I skipped breakfast for the same reason as yesterday: I wake up really early but I'm too tired to get up...
But I had a nice lunch: I had some Köttbullar with roasted peppers and sweetcorn. 
And few left-overs my mother gave me: veal cutlet alla milanese alla pizzaiola: food to avoid the day before my appointment to the nutritionist's, but hey, I love it too much, I couldn't resist

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012


Lately I wake up really early
But I spend all the morning in bed because I'm too tired to do company of a spicy infusion and one soft amaretto

Boiled fennel, boiled common smooth hound with a bit of mayo. At 5pm!
I was at a funeral and I couldn't eat before that time...

Vegetables puree for dinner and a couple of chocolates: I did need candies today!


I woke up really hungry this morning, so I renounced to my usual infusion  for a bowl of milk and fruit loops.
They aren't the original from Kellogg's and they are coloured by spices, herbs and vegetable juices.

I was to the Bar Michelangelo (Pietrasanta) at lunch time for a coffee so I had a little slice of valdostana just to calm my hunger down.
I came back home at 3pm and I had some zucchini and pumpkin puree with few croutons

Only a bit of veal for dinner with a couple of slices of stinco bread