lunedì 23 gennaio 2012


Messy, messy Friday...
I made a disaster today

I had breakfast with a rice pudding my sister baked yesterday
Then I went to the bar for a coffee

 My mom gave me some left-overs for lunch: (leek?) frittata and a sort of onion-cheese-potato bake
It looked weird but it was good

 Chocolate pudding with granola for a snack

 Pesto & Carbohydrates Night
My plan of the night was pasta with pesto, but my nephew gave me a slice of his pizza left from his dinner so I re-heated adding the last spoons of pesto in the jar and I ate it as well despite I was full after the pasta

 Friday night at the Film Club
We watched "Far from Heaven" and after the movie they offered us some sweet
How lovely!

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