martedì 20 dicembre 2011


My bed was more comfy than usual this morning
I stayed there all curled up all morning long...It's so warm there in comparison to the rest of my freezing house
I kept on drinking herbal infusions to warm me up and I had a ginger and barley coffee macchiato with marie biscuits with raspberry jam on

I had the best curry I've ever made for lunch
Completely low fat, I just cut in dice some boiled vagetables I used to prepare some stock, I added broccoli, a bit of chicken and tons of curry. No oil, just a pinch of salt.
Yummy meal suitable for the diet

I promised myself to be good this week due to the Christmas massive meals and behave the previous days
So I've planned some vegetable and fish for dinner, but a friend of mine passed a very tough exam at uni and she wished to celebrate with a pizza. I couldn't say no...
I ordered one with no cheese (to avoid the double protein), with fish (as planned) and with few vegetables
But it's far too many carbohydrates for today anyway, so I must avoid them tomorrow.
We went to eat @Pizzeria Artemisia (Pietrasanta) and my pizza was called Manuela, wich topped tuna, artichokes, olives and capers.

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