sabato 24 dicembre 2011


A good night sleep at last
I woke up at 9.30am but I got up from my bed after 1pm. Lazybum.
Yummy and colourful breakfast: strawberry goat's yoghurt with home-made granola and my purple "good luck" infusion, my favourite one <3

I wished to avoid carbohydrates for a bit more, but I was craving them a lot today.
And I had some robiola cheese that's going to expire soon.
So it here goes: pasta with robiola and nutmeg

A tiny skip in the afternoon...But I'm in the middle of my period and I feel Christmassy, so beg me if I had few bites of strawberry white chocolate with some apricot juice.

No dinner tonight. 
I went out at 7pm for a drink, I came back at 9pm and I went straight to bed.
I feel too cold and tired also to eat.

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