sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Friday - Epiphany

Today we celebrate Epiphany in Italy 
It's a holiday day dedicated mainly to children, but I find it a good excuse to post-pone the end of the holidays period so I invited few friends for lunch
I had breakfast with tea and a slice of a pear, rum and spices cake I made: just to check (I split garlic powder in it instead of ginger powder: but I recovered my mistake in time!). It was good
I made other cakes as you can see from the backgound: and yes, that biscuits shapes are what you think they are!

No pics from my lunch unfortunately: I was busy with cooking and as soon as I took something on the table it disappeared in someone's mouths. I took a pic from the after lunch: cakes, fruit and sweets ( and porn biscuits) for everyone

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