lunedì 5 dicembre 2011


6 am, before leaving 
My first picture with my new camera
In a hurry and blurry   :P

Latte macchiato and crisp bread with pear and chocolate jam

Snack with crackers on my train to Milan. 
Damn, I want mayo

 Brunch with friends @American Donuts (Milan)
Scones and bread with few dips, bagel with eggs benedict and smoked salmon, French fries and a brownie with a lot of whipped cream. And orange squash and Americano coffee.
Well what else can I say? One of my best breakfasts ever.

I promised myself to do not touch any food for the rest of the day.
But at 12am circa I was starving and I chose the quickest choice.
Troubles on troubles
German sausages stuffed with cheese, mayo and apricot juice.
I'll behave tomorrow, I promise

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