giovedì 1 dicembre 2011


Ok, a couple of previews from today.
With a little help of my friends.
Light breakfast and a few chicken and flat beans sauted in a bit of soy sauce

(Photo courtesy of Silvia)

Bolgheri rosso with a lot of yummy snacks @Gatto Nero (Pietrasanta) with my friends.
I ate a lot of caloric bites. The best ones? Panzanelle with sausage crumbles in the dough; focaccia with melted cheese and tiny deep-fried smoked scamorzine

My cousin reminded me I own a webcam on my laptop.
I totally forgot that...I tried but the pic is awful. And posted right after an I-phone photo is even uglier....

I went on with fat bites when I came back home: elderberry juice and a toastie with salami and orange cheese. I like that orange cheese: we haven't got this kind in Italy!

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